Explore Patagonia's beauty on an e-bike adventure with a perfect mix of outdoor fun and cultural delights.


Welcome to the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia! Join us on an unforgettable adventure as we explore the region’s stunning estancias by e-bike. Our itineraries offer a perfect blend of outdoor exploration, cultural and culinary experiences.

Trip highlights

  • Unique Multiday E-bike Program in Torres del Paine!
  • Ride Into Authentic Patagonian Estancias
  • Interact with Local Baqueanos and Culture
  • Bike 230 kms/143 mi along Patagonian Steppe
  • Enjoy e-bikes specialized guided along the ride
  • 24/7 Support Vehicle
  • Delighting Local Meals Prepared by Our Own Chef On Board or Local Barbeque at Estancias
  • Sighting Astounding Views of Torres del Paine National Park
  • Immerse Into the Iconic Baguales Mountain Range

Trip length

7 days

Trip Level


From USD

$4.395 per person

Start / End






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Day 1

Arrival to Puerto Natales – Welcome Dinner & Briefing

  • Transfer from the Airport to Puerto Bories
  • Briefing and E-Bike Fitting
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Night at Bories Boutique Guest House (double rooms with private bathrooms)
  • (D)

Meet a Chile Nativo transfer waiting for you outside of Puerto Natales Airport to bring you to your hotel, directly in front of Bories Port with impressive views of the Seno de Última Esperanza, Balmaceda Glacier and the surrounding mountains.

Once settled in, you will participate in a pre-trip briefing at our headquarter, during which you and the guides will go over every detail of the trip and test out the e-bikes.

Afterwards, enjoy a delicious dinner in a local restaurant before cozying up in your room.

Day 2

E-Bike Ride to Mylodon Cave & Cerro Castillo town

  • E-bike ride to Puerto Prat, Puerto Consuelo & Mylodon Cave (20 kms/12.4 mi gravel road & 4 kms/2.5 mi paved road)
  • Transfer to Estancia Complejo Torres del Paine (30 min) & optional bike ride to Cerro Castillo (35 kms/ 21.7 mi gravel road)
  • Night at Hostería El Pionero (double rooms with private bathrooms)
  • (B – BL – D)

Wake up to a freshly prepared breakfast before cycling alongside Eberhard Fjord to Puerto Pratt, the first Chilean town officially created in 1899 with the purpose of consolidating Chilean territory in Última Esperanza. Continue to Puerto Consuelo, an estancia founded in 1893 by Hermann Eberhard while he was searching for suitable land to farm sheep. From his settlement, Eberhard explored the area and eventually discovered the Mylodon Cave, your next stop!

Declared a historic monument in 1968 and a national monument in 1993, the Mylodon Cave holds countless stories of some of the first groups of humans on the continent. Men and women, who we first heard about in 1985 when Eberhard discovered prehistoric Mylodon skin remnants, found refuge from unpredictable weather in the cave while on the lookout for this wild megafauna. After a stroll inside the cave, hop on a transfer to the beginning of Castillo Viejo Road.

Optional: Pedal for thirty-five kilometers on Castillo Viejo Road alongside beautiful Patagonian landscapes before arriving at Villa Cerro Castillo to rest and reward yourself with another amazing meal prepared by your private chef.

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Day 3

E-Bike Ride to San Luis Estancia

  • Ride to San Luis Estancia (10 kms/6.2 mi paved road + 42 kms/26 mi gravel road).
  • Night at San Luis Estancia
  • (B – BL – D)

Start the first part of your day gazing at Paine Massif postcard landscapes enroute to San Luis Estancia, located on Chilean-Argentinian land once owned by the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, former cattle raising company. Currently, it extends about 13,000 hectares, on which livestock farming was its main activity for more than forty-five years. With hard work and perseverance, the family business managed to diversify activities to include tourism, so that, today, we can enjoy panoramic landscapes of Paine and Sierra Baguales, your next destination.

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Day 4

E-Bike Ride to Estancia Las Chinas

  • Ride from San Luis Estancia to Estancia Las Chinas (55 kms/34 mi gravel road)
  • (B – BL – D)

Today, you will ride into de iconic Sierra Baguales, an isolated volcanic mountain range with jagged reliefs caused by the great basaltic plateau’s suffering of erosion, which, surrounded by yellow steppes, make up deeply moving — lonely and pristine — images.

Then we will get into a different open-wide valley: Las Chinas, where we will find our next accommodation that offers the peace and rawness that characterize Patagonia, an environment remaining detained in time, optimal for contemplation and breathing in Patagonian life.

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Day 5

E-Bike Ride to Patagonia Bagual

  • Ride from Las Chinas to Patagonia Bagual visiting the Torres del Paine Conservation Reserve.
  • Night at Patagonia Bagual
  • (B – BL – D)

You will depart from Estancia Las Chinas and head towards Paine Massif, passing through Tercera Barranca Estancia and the recently inaugurated Torres del Paine Conservation Reserve.

Today’s landscape is completely dedicated to viewing the Towers from different perspectives as you get closer and closer. From up-close to the granite peaks, arrive at a magical place hidden in the Laguna Azul Sector, where you will spend the last night in Torres del Paine.

*Optional activity: Wild Horse Tracking and Sightseeing (Add 1 extra day and night at Patagonia Bagual)

If choosing this add-on you will take a break from biking and get a mix of science and tourism by wild horse sightseeing in a privileged sector behind Sierra Masle, Torres del Paine. This wild horse sightseeing will last a day, taking you through different valleys in search of wild horses with expert trackers who have developed a camera-trap monitoring program studying a group of approximately 100 wild horses’ behavior in their habitat.

Together with these experts, and thanks to observation equipment, you will be able to spot numerous horses and enjoy the landscape without crowds of people for approximately four to six hours.

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Day 6

E-bike Ride to Laguna Amarga

  • Laguna Azul – Macho Canyon – Paine Waterfall – Amarga Lagoon (18 kms/ 11 mi gravel road + 4 kms / 2 mi paved road)
  • Transfer to Puerto Natales
  • Night at Puerto Bories Estancia
  • (B – BL – D)

You will not leave Torres del Paine National Park before doing one last exquisite ride from Laguna Azul to Laguna Amarga, passing Macho Canyon, spotting large groups of guanacos, and stopping at the iconic Paine Waterfall.

Enjoy a well-deserved rest and one last farewell dinner, specially prepared by your private chef.

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Day 7

Safe Travels Home!

  • Transfer from your Hotel to the Airport
  • ( B )

Get picked-up at your hotel and dropped-off at the airport for a safe trip home!


  • All Private Transportation Indicated in Schedule
  • All Meals Indicated in Schedule (B: Breakfast, BL: Box Lunch)
  • Giant Talon E-Bike & Helmet
  • Two Nights Hotel Bories Boutique Guest House (Double Occupancy Rooms)
  • One Night at Hostería el Pionero (Double Occupancy Rooms)
  • One Night at Estancia San Luis (Double or Single Occupancy Rooms)
  • One Night at Casa Las Chinas (Double Occupancy Rooms)
  • One Night at Patagonia Bagual (Double or Single Occupancy Rooms)
  • Vehicle Support As Indicated in Schedule
  • Local Guide with Knowledge of Mechanics & First Aid


  • Any Additional Nights
  • Medical Expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Gratuities for Guide/ Driver

Trip length

7 days

Trip Level


From USD

$4.395 per person

Start / End







Hostería El Pionero

Hostería El Pionero is an old English-style house, built in the times of the Tierra del Fuego Exploiting Society, almost 100 years ago.
It is located in the Villa of Cerro Castillo, next to the Río Don Guillermo border crossing to Argentina. This charming inn has spacious accommodations with private bathrooms, central heating, and delicious meals.

Bories Boutique House

Get ready to relax in a country house immersed in the Patagonian steppe, providing stunning views of the mountains and the Última Esperanza fjord in Puerto Natales, Chile.
The house reflects a deep appreciation for photography evident in every corner. From the moment guests arrive, they begin to breathe in the essence of Patagonia.

Estancia San Luis

For over 40 years, Estancia San Luis has been devoted to livestock farming, specializing in the breeding of sheep and cattle. In addition to its core agricultural activities, the estancia provides a range of services, including horseback riding, trekking, lamb barbecues, and accommodation. Spanning across 13,000 hectares, Estancia San Luis is situated along the border with Argentina, showcasing the vastness of its landscape.

Patagonia Bagual

Patagonia Bagual is the most exclusive and secluded destination within Torres del Paine National Park. Their full-day excursion integrates scientific components, 4×4 vehicles, hiking, and tracking wild horses and wildlife in the park’s most pristine areas. They invite visitors to immerse themselves in the authentic spirit of Patagonia, where the presence of others will not interrupt their unique experience, one that is sure to leave a meaningful imprint.

Casa Las Chinas

Casa Las Chinas, part of Estancia Cerro del Guido, has roots in the late 19th century as a member of the Sociedad Explotadora Tierra del Fuego, the most extensive livestock network in Chilean Patagonia’s history. The estate preserves valuable cultural heritage by using original houses and facilities.
Forged by European pioneers, the estate spans 100,000 hectares, making it the region’s largest with a significant livestock population and expansive crop fields.

Dates & Prices

Program prices are determined on the final number of confirmed guests in a group. The per person price lowers as more guests join the group. Chile Nativo operates with a maximum of 8 guests per departure which allows for a high level of individualized service and an unforgettable personalized experience.


PRICES FOR SEASON 2023/2024: for reference
 *Note: For requests involving more than 7 travelers, please contact our sales team for assistance at

2 Guests Total in Group USD $ 7.495
3 Guests Total in Group
USD $ 5.895 
4 Guests Total in Group
USD $ 4.895 
5 Guests Total in Group
USD $ 4.795
6 Guests Total in Group
USD $ 4.395

  • E&E
    7 DAYS

  • November 18, 2024 / November 24, 2024
  • Book


Q: Should I tip my guide? If so – how much is appropriate?
A: Tipping can be a delicate subject and many different nationalities have different tipping cultures. Tips or propinas in Chile, are viewed as a reward for good service. When tipping, a good guide and guide assistance who does the job well, has good English and provides a great service, can expect 10 – 15 USD per person per day. It is usual to leave your driver or chauffeur a tip too. Normally around 5 USD per person.  Please find below a tipping guide:

Guides USD$ 10 to USD$ 15 per person, per day; to be given to your guides directly.

Staff (waiters, chefs,Housekeeping USD$5 per person, per night

Drivers:  USD$10 per person, per day; given directly to your drivers.

Porters: USD$10 per person, per day; given directly to your porter

These amounts are merely a source to help you or give you a general idea of what is normal or typical. Of course, tipping is always at the discretion of the group members as to what they deem appropriate for the service they received.


Q: What time will we finish the last ride and arrive back to Puerto Natales?

A: After completing the last ride, your chauffeur will transfer you all back to Puerto Natales, arriving around 16:00 hrs, before our last dinner together and overnight in Puerto Natales.

Add-Ons & Upgrades

Add-on: 1 Full Day of Wild Horse Watching with Patagonia Bagual + 1 Extra Night at Patagonia Bagual House. (this would be day 6)

  • $1,145 per person for 2 travelers.
  • $910 per person for 3 travelers.
  • $795 per person for 4 travelers.
  • $795 per person for 5 travelers.
  • $730 per person for 6 travelers.


As horse lovers from the Netherlands and looking for a new unforgettable experience we decided to look for a horse ride in the Patagonia area. After some search on the internet we came to the Chile Nativo site and found a perfect ride for us. From our point of view we had an incredible trip and would recommend Chile Nativo for arranging you’re riding tour, giving you the opportunity to really enjoy. For horse riding and nature lovers the thing to do at least once in a lifetime.

Jasper Brugman, Netherlands

I was blown away by this trip and will absolutely be back to experience Patagonia on Horseback again. Everyone from the office staff to the guide, to the Gauchos, and our driver was professional but fun, and the experience was better for getting to know these people. Being in the backcountry and seeing the landscapes up close was one of the most amazing things I have ever done.

Sarah Frame, USA


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SY Joyce Kan
SY Joyce Kan
Amazing trip! We joined the Torres Del Paine 7 day O trek tour - note that this tour is not a complete O Trek but skipping the part from Camp Frances to Las Torres, which worked in our favour as our holiday is limited and we won’t miss much. Our guide, Debbie was knowledgeable and amicable, and very passionate about hiking. Unfortunately I fell sick during the hike and wished to leave a day earlier than planned. Debbie and Chile Nativo quickly rearranged transportation for us and was very helpful. Throughout the whole process Chile Nativo was very responsive. We had a memorable journey and I would highly recommend Chile Nativo.
Jim Garvin
Jim Garvin
Fantastic experience! We were booked with Chile Nativo via Swoop and had a wonderful experience. Our guides, Tim & Lucile, were awesome. We really enjoyed their company. They were very knowledgeable about the region (the history, animals, landscape, etc). Highly recommend.
Olivia Evans
Olivia Evans
I booked the independent, self-guided Torres Del Paine trek with Chile Nativo’s help and was so glad I did. When I looked to book on my own, everything was all reserved in Torres Del Paine and Chile Nativo was the only agency that could help me find a spot still. To still be able to go on the trip when I wanted to go, to not have to spend so much time planning all the logistics, to get a local’s recommendations on the best way to do the trek…but STILL get to do the trek on my own was amazing and worth every penny. In particular Paolina at the agency was incredibly helpful. I would recommend this agency to anyone looking to hike in Torres del Paine.
Chiloe Natural (chiloenatural)
Chiloe Natural (chiloenatural)
Serious, professional, and friendly Tour Agency in Puerto Natales that will cater your needs in Patagonia and Torres del Paine.
Kevin Jobst
Kevin Jobst
Hiking in Torres with Pepa is like walking with your smartest and wisest friend. She has an incredible depth of knowledge in everything from mycology to government, from geology to history. She is fiercely passionate about conservation and our planet and has dedicated her life to making our world a better place. Our two porters Filipe and Bastian were both incredibly strong and highly professional. Always in the know on where to set up the tent, they picked the best spot in every site we were at. Also, they were an absolute blast to hang out with after the long days hiking. I cannot recommend this particular team highly enough and if you are passionate about the environment, making the world a better place, learning everything there is to know about glaciers, mushrooms, Patagonia, the history of Chile, magma intrusions and edible berries request them by name. Thank you to all three of you for making our experience so special and I hope our paths cross again.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith
Our Torres Del Paine Plus trip was fantastic! A great crew of newly-made friends, guided by Izabella “La Professora”, on a journey beyond expectations. What a great time, a balance of hiking and touring. DO NOT miss the pumas!!! I will definitely go with the Chile Nativo team again, and thanks to Nestor & Juan too!
Senga Simpson
Senga Simpson
Excellent service. Thank you Vicky
Lukas Winegarner
Lukas Winegarner
Camilo is ledged! Chile Nativo is extremely experienced and knowledgeable - I would highly recommend booking directly through them. We were a group of 8 doing the O 7 day hike and everything was great! Thanks to Camilo & Tomas and all of our porters!


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