Why travel with us?

At Chile Nativo, we are local specialists in Patagonia active travel and professionals whose greatest joy is making adventure come true. Our programs are packed with hands on experiences in the pristine wilderness of Tierra del Fuego, Torres del Paine, Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, Navarino Island and other unearthly corners in Chile’s extreme south. When it comes to creating active programs in Patagonia, our creativity, knowledge, detailed eye and years of experience make us true trail blazers in our field.


Three key factors set us apart:
· We travel with very small groups of a maximum of 8 people. This way, we are able to give our uttermost attention to each and every guest.
· Our offices are in Puerto Natales, resulting in quick, effective logistics and operations services.
· We are continually connected with each guide on terrain via VHS radio, meaning we can respond to emergencies extremely quickly and efficiently.

What people say about us

As horse lovers from the Netherlands and looking for a new unforgettable experience we decided to look for a horse ride in the Patagonia area. After some search on the internet we came to the Chile Nativo site and found a perfect ride for us. From our point of view we had an incredible trip and would recommend Chile Nativo for arranging you’re riding tour, giving you the opportunity to really enjoy. For horse riding and nature lovers the thing to do at least once in a lifetime.

Jasper Brugman, Netherlands, 23-02-2018

It was our first introduction to Chile and Patagonia and an experience that we’ll never forget. Excellent planning and great recommendations from the Chile Nativo staff for the entire trip (including the Perito Merino excursion), and as for the W, Pelin’s guiding was far above and beyond our expectations.

Jennifer Robson, USA, 09-11-2018

Chile Nativo’s service from booking to final drop off was fantastic! Really great value. We were a small group of 6 trekkers and you provided great tents and gear. Our guide, Armando, was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the park. With 20 years guiding experience he was still very professional and engaged with our group and clearly very passionate about the area. It’s a fantastically beautiful place! I would definitely recommend Chile Nativo to anyone looking for a quality, authentic Torres del Paine trekking experience.

Mary Garden, USA, 03-07-2019

Very smooth with bus vouchers and vouchers for the Refugio’s and park fees. All went very smooth and hazel free.For people who like to travel & hike independently this is a wonderful way to go with Chile Nativo. Not speaking Spanish it would have been difficult to arrange the logistics of this trek ourselves.

Kathryn Hobbs/Craig Aldworth, USA,


Gonzalo Fuenzalida (Founder)

As founder, Gonzalo is responsible for maintaining and developing the characteristics that Chile Nativo is famous for: top notch service, excellent outdoor programs and a continued commitment to sustainability. Eternally optimistic Gonzalo is an eternal fan of Chile’s great south, its sublime landscapes, moody weather and uncharted canals and islands. His Patagonia travel tip? Choose the shoulder season: bursting with flowers and baby animals in spring; followed by crunchy copper-toned leaves, empty trails and more stable weather in fall. Besides Patagonia, his heart belongs to Chile’s superlative seafood (unfortunately the same can’t be said for melon - he’s never liked it!). Adventures on horseback across Mongolia, traveling the Trans-Siberian railway and exploring Vietnam and Japan top Gonzalo’s bucket list.

Marina Petrozzino (Sales Manager)

Born in Buenos Aires and now based in Chile’s Rancagua, home is anywhere Marina’s husband and daughter are. When trekking in Chile, she’s continually amazed by the feeling of smallness against its vast landscapes. Her favorite season in Patagonia is fall, when the trees burst into vivid color and the winds and crowds subside. Never without her camera, Marina loves capturing landscapes and counts Iceland and its ethereal natural wonders among the her greatest travel experiences.

Johana Mansilla (Operations Manager)

A native of Chile’s Lakes District, Johana is in charge of Chile Nativo’s operations in Puerto Natales. Living in Patagonia year-round, she’s been bitten by the hiking bug and would love to experience the world’s best treks. While Valencia was a city she loved, Johana’s more than happy living in the south of Chile. She he loves foods that play with sweet and savory flavors; which in Chile means pastel de choclo is her idea of food heaven. Johana knows that adventure travel is a great way to meet people: “make new friends” is the best travel advice she was ever given.

Cecilia Mesa Furniss (Travel Specialist)

Born and raised in Santiago, Cecilia says that the least popular months to visit Torres del Paine are also its most beautiful time. She knows that wet feet are a trekker’s worst enemy: if Cecilia could have an unlimited supply of one travel item she’d choose “super-hyper-mega-waterproof boots”! Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan are where she most wants to wander. When that time comes, she’ll follow her own travel advice: only pack what’s necessary. If she could choose a superpower she’d become an expert in random interesting facts, so as to create and keep up great conversations with new acquaintances!

Daniela Gamboa (Travel Specialist)

Santiago-born Daniela especially loves Patagonia when its colors transform from greens and blues to reds and yellows. Speaking of changing landscapes, Daniela is a fan of the new age of Chilean cuisine. However, she advises travelers start simply with a mote con huesillos or completo italiano, or meat-and-sides-laden sandwich at a traditional “fuente de soda” restaurant. If she wasn’t in Chile, Daniela would live in Japan - a country whose culture, people and food really surprised her. When traveling, Daniela’s advice is to enjoy each moment (even the difficult ones). Why? Because traveling is the best school of life there is.

Luis Quiroz (Professional Driver)

Luis is one of our indispensable members. He has been driving guests through the wilds of Torres del Paine for years. As if being an amazing and safe driver wasn’t enough, he also has an eagle eye for spotting pumas.

Armando Iglesias (Guide)

Armando has more than 20 years experience guiding in Torres del Paine. Born and raised in Punta Arenas, he’s always been deeply interested in wildlife and uses this expertise leading bird watching trips all over Chile. His real passion though, is mountaineering. Armando has hiked and skied all over Andes and leads most of our tailor-made trips and Paine Circuit programs.

Mauricio Vargas (Guide)

Mauricio is a born mountain lover and finds his bliss trekking and scouting Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego island. Born in Colombia, you’ll mainly find him guiding our Paine Circuit and W Circuit treks.

Felipe Zuñiga (Guide)

Born in Chillan, a small town 500 km south of Santiago, surrounded by fields and mountains, Felipe has always been in touch with the great outdoors. On his first trip to Torres del Paine, he was struck by the beauty of the place and promised to return as a professional trekking guide so that he could contribute to the conservation of this World Wonder. So it was, after 4 years in Santiago studying Ecotourism, and several courses at the National Mountain School of Chile, he arrived in Puerto Natales to develop and put to use his acquired knowledge. Now, with 10 years of experience and countless trips into Torres del Paine, he uses his passion and love for the place to educate visitors to the park and increase environmental awareness.

Rodrigo Diaz (Guide)

A Santiago de Chile native, Rodrigo’s most memorable trip took him through Washington state and Oregon, where he was unexpectedly surprised by the beautiful landscapes and sustainable living attitude. As a trekking and horseback guide, Rodrigo loves showing guests Patagonia’s vast landscapes, and pointing out little-known facts (such as that Torres del Paine sits at a similar latitude to London and Vancouver!). Rodrigo loves a good meal and is prepared for anything now that he’s over his childhood aversion to tripe. He’s nothing if not adventurous: Iceland, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan all top his bucket list.

Pelin Asfuroglu (Guide)

Pelin arrived in Puerto Natales via Turkey and the Netherlands. As a guide, she particularly loves the fiery colors of fall; and aims to be insatiably curious, always showing guests just how geographically diverse Chile is. (A favorite fun fact: Chile has 500 potentially active volcanoes.) Born and raised in Istanbul, Pelin is no stranger to delicious food - though is quick to sing the praises of Patagonian king crab. Given a lifetime supply of just one hiking item, Pelin would ask for an unlimited stockpile of Cliff bars. Bhutan, New Zealand and Greenland are her next must-explore destinations.

Fernando Pozo (Guide)

Born to Chilean parents in Australia, travel has always been part of Fernando’s life. Now living in Puerto Natales, Fernando is as amazed by Torres del Paine’s untamed beauty as he was on his first day guiding. As a guide, his goal is to show guests why the park is considered the eighth wonder of the world and to encourage travelers to wander, relax and open their minds to new destinations in Chile. If he could, Fernando would ask for an unlimited supply of hiking boots and peanuts - or superhuman strength to carry anything on the road. Until then, his trekking advice is “pack light...but remember you can never have enough socks.

Sarah Schneider (Guide)

Raised just outside of Philadelphia in the U.S., Sarah planned to spend a year in Chile and found her new home instead. More than eight years later, Sarah still adores Chile’s caring people, great surf, gorgeous beaches, multicolored deserts, Patagonian wilds and of course, its exceptional wine! Come summer, her favorite Chilean food are humitas with fresh tomato. Sarah belongs in the mountains and adores meeting guests, breathing in Patagonia’s pristine air and keeping active. Having hiked through the Himalayas, she’s now set her sights on exploring Japan, Alaska and Norway.

Jaime Acevedo (Guide)

Jaime spent his early childhood traveling through Chile with his parents before finishing his schooling in Santiago. Nowadays, he’s mad about rock-climbing and names Canada’s Squamish among the locations he’d most love to climb. Jaime’s favorite Chilean food is pastel de choclo, as it brings back memories of his family eating together. (Chickpeas come a close second - as long as his mother doesn’t cook them. He says she’s never quite got the hang of them!). Jaime’s top tip for hikers? Remember to distribute your belongings evenly throughout your backpack, so as not to overbalance when on hills.

Rodrigo Perez (Guide)

Rodrigo is a guide based in Puerto Natales. He adores guiding as it gives him the chance to meet so many interesting people, and is proud that his work makes him responsible for showing travelers a place as unique as Patagonia. Rodrigo relaxes cycling, taking photographs or spending time with his super-spoiled cat, and would happily eat lasagne followed by icy cold mote con huesillos (a Chilean summertime drink) forever. His ultimate packing advice? If it doesn’t fit in your backpack, don’t take it: prioritize your needs and take only what’s absolutely necessary.

Pablo Maldonado (Guide)

I was born in Santiago where I attended basic and middle school. Then I moved to Valparaiso to study a degree in biology. My love for mountains and nature is a legacy from my parents. With them at an early stage, I learned to love the outdoors world which was also the motivation to study biological sciences. Later in life, tourism appeared as a platform that united outdoor life, travel and the possibility to offer my knowledge which allows a greater entailment with the southern ecosystems. In this context I have taken mountain, glacier and first aid courses, and I have a diploma in cequa, always tending to improve in this profession. A little over ten years ago I came into contact with the world of horses; they have allowed me to travel to amazing places in Patagonia.