The 5 best W Trek in Torre del Paine trips you can do in 2024


The 5 best W Trek trips you can do in 2024

Where your adventure begins!

Take a unique journey: the globally renowned W Circuit of Torres del Paine, Chile, leads you through the most awe-inspiring and untamed locations of Patagonia. It’s a four or five day hike that can be walked without carrying gear or food, between refuges or campsites. It can also be broken up into day hikes from comfortable hotel bases, or incorporated into longer, wilder treks. The W Trek awaits you to become one of the greatest adventures of your life.

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The W-Trek Route

You will travel along a 43-mile (70-kilometer) trail that crosses the most emblematic and impressive landscapes of the park.

You will discover the three most famous valleys, following the distinctive “W” shape that gives the circuit its name:

On the eastern side, amidst forests and moraines, you will traverse the Ascencio Valley, a demanding journey that culminates at the mythical Base De Las Torres viewpoint where the three majestic granite towers will welcome you to deliver the most iconic postcard of the Park.

In the heart of the circuit, walking along trails flanked by mountains and lakes, you will encounter the French Valley, one of the most impressive in the Park.

Lenga and ñirre forests will accompany you as you advance along an astonishing path that will offer an unforgettable view: glaciers and granite walls with extreme shapes that merge to form a gigantic natural amphitheater.

Finally, the trail will lead you to the northwest side of the W, toward the legendary Grey Glacier. This is one of the points where the immense southern ice fields end, a place where the ice merges with the clouds.

To conclude, you will navigate the iconic lakes by catamaran, where nature will present one of its most wonderful landscapes: the imposing Paine Grande mountain and the Cuernos del Paine will greet you from above, gifting you with postcards that will remain in your memories.

W trek trips

Choose the Type of Adventure You Want to Experience

Classic W

5 Days
From: $2295
Trip level: Demanding

The most famous circuit in Torres del Paine.

W Plus

5 Days
From: $2795
Trip level: Demanding

The most complete W trek experience you can live

Fast Track W

3 Days
From: $1695
Trip level: Demanding

You won’t miss any of the Highligths of the W!

Independent W

5 Days
From: $1495
Trip level: Demanding

The classic “W” but self-guided.

Winter W

5 Days
From: $2095
Trip level: Demanding

Have the Park All to Yourself

  • Amount of days
  • Accommodation
  • Guide
  • Optional activities *
  • Navegation
  • Transport to the Park **
  • Elevate Your Adventure with Exciting Add-On Activities
  • Full Board an park fees
  • Departure dates
  • W PLUS

  • Starting at


    per person

  • 5
  • Chile Nativo Glamping
  • Grey and Pehoé Lake
  • Private
  • 1 day Puma & Nature Trakking - 1 day off the beaten path - Lazo WEBER
  • October to April

  • Starting at


    per person

  • 5
  • Refuge or Camping
  • Kayak or Ice Hike at Grey Sector
  • Grey
  • Private
  • October to April

  • Starting at


    per person

  • 3
  • Chile Nativo Glamping
  • Grey and Pehoé Lake
  • Private
  • October to April

  • Starting at


    per person

  • 5
  • Refuge or Camping
  • Kayak or Ice Hike at Grey Sector
  • Pehoé Lake
  • Public bus
  • October to April

  • Starting at


    per person

  • 5
  • Refuge & Glamping
  • Private
  • May to September

*Optional Add-ons, not included in the program
** Transport to the Park:

Private: You'll be traveling in a private van that will pick you up at your accommodation in Puerto Natales and take you back to your hotel.
Regular bus: You'll be traveling in a public bus that departs from the bus terminal in Natales and takes you back to the same terminal.

*** Comfort level:
Standard: You can choose between a refuge with a shared room or a fully equipped campsite, both with a shared bathroom.
Highest: You would sleep in a glamping site for 2 persons in a warm and soft bed with a private bathroom, immersed in a breathtaking landscape with views of the Paine Massif.

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2 days Kings Pinguin
We want you to be sure of all the details.

Where does the W begin?

The W Trek usually starts from east to west, beginning at Refugio Las Torres and ending in the area of Refugio Paine Grande.

What is the W Trek?

The W Trek is a popular hiking trail in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. It is named after the “W” shape formed by the route on the park’s map.

How long is it?

The W Trek is approximately 70 kilometers long, depending on the specific variations and side trips you choose to take along the way.

How many days does it take to complete?

The average time to complete the W Trek is about 4 to 5 days. However, some hikers may choose to extend or shorten their itinerary based on their fitness level and preferences.

Do I need to be an experienced hiker?

While previous hiking experience is beneficial, the W Trek is suitable for both experienced hikers and beginners. It’s essential to be physically fit and adequately prepared for the challenges of the trail.

When is the best time to do?

While most people prefer visiting the park between December and March, mainly because the days are longer and the temperatures are a bit warmer, let us share a little secret with you. The other seasons have their own unique charm too.

Between September and November, nature comes alive with beautiful flowers and adorable animals with their offspring. The temperatures are mild, and the days are longer, perfect for exploring without the crowds!

Have you considered April and May? Autumn paints the landscape with vibrant colors, an impressive spectacle that you can’t afford to miss! Moreover, there are fewer visitors, allowing you to enjoy the park in all its tranquility.


June to August is perfect for those seeking to have the park all to themselves and aren’t afraid of the cold. The snow-covered park is a sight to behold!

Are camping facilities available along the W Trek?

Yes, there are camping areas and refugios (mountain lodges) along the W Trek route. You can choose to camp or stay in the refugios, depending on your preference and the level of comfort you desire.

Are there any age restrictions for this Trek?

There are no specific age restrictions for the W Trek. However, it’s important to assess the physical abilities and endurance of younger hikers or elderly individuals to ensure they can handle the demands of the trail.

What should I consider
before doing the W Trek

Physical Preparation

Before the W Trek, train with long hikes and a backpack to improve your endurance and avoid surprises along the way.

Appropriate Gear

Patagonia has highly changeable weather, so it’s important to ensure you bring the appropriate gear for the season of your visit. You can find more information here

Book in Advance

Being one of the world’s top mountain destinations, accommodation reservations quickly fill up. Reserve your program at least 6 months in advance.

Consider Travel Times

Patagonia is a vast area. Make sure to calculate travel times appropriately so that you can reach your destinations on time.

SY Joyce Kan
SY Joyce Kan
Amazing trip! We joined the Torres Del Paine 7 day O trek tour - note that this tour is not a complete O Trek but skipping the part from Camp Frances to Las Torres, which worked in our favour as our holiday is limited and we won’t miss much. Our guide, Debbie was knowledgeable and amicable, and very passionate about hiking. Unfortunately I fell sick during the hike and wished to leave a day earlier than planned. Debbie and Chile Nativo quickly rearranged transportation for us and was very helpful. Throughout the whole process Chile Nativo was very responsive. We had a memorable journey and I would highly recommend Chile Nativo.
Jim Garvin
Jim Garvin
Fantastic experience! We were booked with Chile Nativo via Swoop and had a wonderful experience. Our guides, Tim & Lucile, were awesome. We really enjoyed their company. They were very knowledgeable about the region (the history, animals, landscape, etc). Highly recommend.
Olivia Evans
Olivia Evans
I booked the independent, self-guided Torres Del Paine trek with Chile Nativo’s help and was so glad I did. When I looked to book on my own, everything was all reserved in Torres Del Paine and Chile Nativo was the only agency that could help me find a spot still. To still be able to go on the trip when I wanted to go, to not have to spend so much time planning all the logistics, to get a local’s recommendations on the best way to do the trek…but STILL get to do the trek on my own was amazing and worth every penny. In particular Paolina at the agency was incredibly helpful. I would recommend this agency to anyone looking to hike in Torres del Paine.
Chiloe Natural (chiloenatural)
Chiloe Natural (chiloenatural)
Serious, professional, and friendly Tour Agency in Puerto Natales that will cater your needs in Patagonia and Torres del Paine.
Kevin Jobst
Kevin Jobst
Hiking in Torres with Pepa is like walking with your smartest and wisest friend. She has an incredible depth of knowledge in everything from mycology to government, from geology to history. She is fiercely passionate about conservation and our planet and has dedicated her life to making our world a better place. Our two porters Filipe and Bastian were both incredibly strong and highly professional. Always in the know on where to set up the tent, they picked the best spot in every site we were at. Also, they were an absolute blast to hang out with after the long days hiking. I cannot recommend this particular team highly enough and if you are passionate about the environment, making the world a better place, learning everything there is to know about glaciers, mushrooms, Patagonia, the history of Chile, magma intrusions and edible berries request them by name. Thank you to all three of you for making our experience so special and I hope our paths cross again.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith
Our Torres Del Paine Plus trip was fantastic! A great crew of newly-made friends, guided by Izabella “La Professora”, on a journey beyond expectations. What a great time, a balance of hiking and touring. DO NOT miss the pumas!!! I will definitely go with the Chile Nativo team again, and thanks to Nestor & Juan too!
Senga Simpson
Senga Simpson
Excellent service. Thank you Vicky
Lukas Winegarner
Lukas Winegarner
Camilo is ledged! Chile Nativo is extremely experienced and knowledgeable - I would highly recommend booking directly through them. We were a group of 8 doing the O 7 day hike and everything was great! Thanks to Camilo & Tomas and all of our porters!


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