¿Por qué viajar con nosotros?

Chile Nativo Travel is an active travel tourism company based in Patagonia chilena especializándose en programas privados, para grupos pequeños y hechos a medida, diseñados con experiencias prácticas y una conexión única con la comunidad y la cultura. Como equipo dedicado de expertos y profesionales locales, está dentro de nuestra filosofía garantizar un futuro sostenible para los destinos prístinos de la Patagonia apoyando las economías comunitarias locales, estableciendo altos estándares de operación y retribuyendo a las regiones donde operamos.

Desde 2001 llevamos a los viajeros a los paisajes prístinos de Tierra del Fuego, Torres del Paine, Aysén, Isla Navarino y otros rincones sobrenaturales del extremo sur de Chile. Cuando se trata de crear programas activos en la Patagonia, nuestra innovación, conocimiento, ojo detallado y años de experiencia nos convierten en verdaderos pioneros en nuestra región y campo.


- Nuestra sede está en Puerto Natales - la puerta de entrada a Torres del Paine
- Trabajamos con los mejores guías locales
- Salidas de grupos pequeños - un máximo de 8 personas

- Donamos USD$ 15 por cada pasajero al Torres del Paine Legacy Fund
- Trabajamos con las comunidades locales, compramos productos locales y apoyamos a las pequeñas empresas en nuestra región.
- Patrocinamos con orgullo las escuelas en Cerro Castillo y Estancia Cerro Guido
- Hemos declarado una #EmergenciaClimática, publicando nuestro primer Plan de acción climática in partnership with Turismo Declara

Establecemos Altos Estándares
– Accredited by the Chilean National Tourism Bureau SERNATUR
- Destinatarios del Sello de Calidad Turística (Sello Q)
- Miembros de la Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) desde 2011
- Concedido 50 Tours of a Lifetime por National Geographic en 2014
- Nombrado Best of Travel por Outside Magazine en 2015
- Proveedores Oficiales de Ruta de Los Parques de la Patagonia
- Nuestro fundador, Gonzalo Fuenzalida, es el ATTA Ambassador for Chile & was selected in 2021 as one of the Top 5 Chileans Creating Future
- ¡Compañía Consciente de COVID! Revisa Nuestro Compromiso de Seguridad

Chile Nativo is dedicated to providing top notch service, excellent outdoor programs, and a continued commitment to ensure Patagonia’s future as a sustainable travel destination.

lo que dicen nuestros clientes

My husband and I visited Torres del Paine 20 years ago and we decided, after our trip to Antarctica, to spend some more days in Chile to try to see Pumas and also to see again one of the best natural parks in the world.. We succeeded and thanks to the trackers and to Santiago Parada, our guide, we had the opportunity to see 5 Pumas eating a Guanaco they had hunted as well as seeing them interact with each other. We spent around three hours taking pictures and enjoying being with them. It was an amazing trip.

Puma Tracking, Fabrizia, Italy, February 10, 2023

Excellent! Learning-filled, Challenging, The Best. The two guides were knowledgeable about the same things that I wanted to learn about: Geology, Birds, Plants, Culture. They did Chile proud!

Paine Big Circuit, Bruce Johnson, USA, February 4, 2023

It was like having a “Rick Steves” trip to Patagonia – the flexibility to customize, our small group of friends – we were able to interact with the culture in meaningful ways (like attending a rodeo we happened to be in town for one day) and had knowledgable guides and our amazing driver Luis. Thanks for making it a special trip — it was too short!!! The ranch house at Tercera Barranca was delightful and cozy- what an astounding view! The Riverside camp also was very comfortable. We really enjoyed how knowledgeable Tim Connelly was and how he and Valentina collaborated to make sure we all had an awesome time. The trip felt bespoke and everyone’s needs were met. I’m sure Chile Nativo is aware that Tim is outstanding- it was really nice to nerd out with him ask questions about biology, geology and he was able to answer them! We would come back to have Tim be our guide. 

Rosemary Son, USA, January 8, 2023

I will be recommending CN forever! Your staff never let me down from beginning to end.Unexpectedly great meals at the lodge, the yurts were great and right on the river. Bathrooms not the best (but it’s camping), excellent transportation which turned out to be a vital part. We were lucky to have a group of people that got along great, hiked well together, no whining. The guide was fantastic, the location of Torres del Paine unbelievably beautiful, the pumas!

Brad Smith, USA, January 8, 2023

Our guides Cris and Gabriel were the highlight of the trip; they taught us about the local wildlife, plants, history of the region, were laid back, kind and super easy to get along with. They are clearly both very experienced and we all felt safe being with them on the trails. They are the best!!

Diana Ramirez, USA, December 5, 2022

Great nature, good guide and horses, top holiday!

Estancias & Glaciers, Rene Renders, Netherlands, December 5, 2022

Incredible experience completing the 5 Day W trek with Chile Nativo this November. Our guides Camilo & Valentina were exceptionally knowledgeable, professional and fun, making the whole experience truly memorable. I can’t recommend this tour enough to those interested in checking out Patagonia and Torres del Paine. The views were outstanding and our guides made us feel safe, while also making accommodations as needed based on the groups fitness & dietary restrictions. From the moment we reached out to enquire about the tour the company was very responsive, answering all of our questions and making sure we felt comfortable with the experience. Thanks for everything!

W Trek, Alex C., USA , November 9, 2022

Camilo is legend! Chile Nativo is extremely experienced and knowledgeable – I would highly recommend booking directly through them. We were a group of 8 doing the O 7 day hike and everything was great! Thanks to Camilo & Tomas and all of our porters!

Paine Big Circuit, Lukas Winegarner, USA , Octubre 2022

Patagonia was the highlight of our travels and it was Chile Nativo’s guidance that made it so special.
Thanks again for all your help!

Greg & Cindy Forbes, Nova Scotia, CAN, October 12, 2022

My wife and I worked with Chile Nativo to schedule a self-guided W-Trek for October 2022 with a private room in the refugios along the route. They also scheduled follow on days at the Hotel Lago Grey and a kayak excursion (Kayaks sin Fronteras), and horseback riding (Pingo Salvaje). We couldn’t have been happier with the communication and assistance – the trip exceeded our expectations and the transfers from Punta Arenas to the park and back were well managed as well. It helped that we had great weather, but Chile Nativo handled all of the details and any complications that arose while providing us with everything we needed for a successful trip! Thank you!

Independent W Trek, Robert Davis, USA , Octubre 2022

I completed the W Trek with Chile Nativo this past September as part of a guided group.

Our guides were incredible – extremely knowledgeable, friendly, passionate and amazing at leading a group of adventurers efficiently and professionally. The gear provided by Chile Nativo including sleeping bags, tents, and mats were top-notch. I enjoyed some of the most beautiful trekking I have ever experienced on this tour, and don’t even get me started on the food we enjoyed along the way – just wow!

There were issues with my flights on arrival, and Chile Nativo dealt with this curveball like true stars – making the necessary changes to get me where I needed to be to join the group on arriving a day late.

Hats off to the entire Chile Nativo team – I can’t recommend this company highly enough!

W Trek, Nadine Gravis, USA , September, 2022

This was the second time Pelin guided us. In both, she did a great job, being very professional, attentive and friendly. I have already done tailor made trips with Chile Nativo and I intend to do many more!

Tailor Made Trip, Flavio Haddad, Brazil , February 23, 2022

Start-to-finish a great trip. Spectacular scenery. Great guides. Attentive, resourceful and effective responses to on-the-fly changes (e.g., the ferry crossing General Carrera was cancelled – Mary immediately arranged for a car to drive us the 7 hours from Cerro Castillo to Chile Chico). It was awesome! My second Chile Nativo trip and awaiting another one in 2023!

Aysén Trekking, Adam B., USA, January 28, 2022

I did a three day hiking trip. 2 days were light hikes and the third day was to the Towers. Stayed at Serrano Camp Site. I had problems getting into the country due to COVID testing and whoever rearranged my schedule did a good job. Gaby (our guide) had a great personality and was very knowledgeable about the area and the hikes. I was slower than others in the group and she stayed with me. I really appreciated that. She was awesome!

Fast Track W, Cheryl B., USA, January 25, 2022

We had a fantastic experience. Everything ran so smoothly and it was perfectly orchestrated. There was literally no hiccups and Chile Nativo was so great at answering all of our questions and making sure we felt comfortable with every detail and aspect of our trek. Excellent communication, endlessly patient with my questions.

Independent W Trek, Corey Green, USA, January 2, 2022

Natural, neat, native! Our guide Camilo was fantastic. His passion for the park and the people in the region was clear. He was able to adjust between English and French and Spanish with ease. He spoke honest from the heart. Good cook too. The little things like extra coffee and mustard were spectacular.

Paine Big Circuit, Keegan V., USA, January 2, 2022

We did our own itinerary and did not use guides. Chile nativo helped with accommodations and van support. When travel difficulties twice caused a change of plans, Chile nativo was able to arrange alternate transportation. Communication was excellent, as well as response to our difficulties.

Tailor Made Trip, Hoffman Family, USA , December 17, 2021

What a trip, great. I would have liked to run with a group, which did not work out on my dates. I was very happy to have gone on the self-guided W Trek. You guys were great. Everything was so uncomplicated and it worked out very spontaneously. This was certainly also due to the pandemic situation, but was very convenient for me. I will definitely be back….My best thanks to the whole team, you are doing a great job…Thank you, Boris “Ich komme jedes Jahr nach Chile und so werden wir uns wieder sehen” 🙂

Independent W Trek, Boris K., Germany, December 10, 2021

We enjoyed our trip a lot. The fact that there were very few visitors in the park, made the experience extra special. The tents provided by Chile Nativo were of great quality which we really appreciated, especially during the nights where there was a lot of wind. Our porters always made sure to have everything prepared at our arrival and packed up after we left. We really enjoyed their company. Big respect to them for the job they did! Camilo was hands down the best guide we have been hiking with over the past years. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to hike Torres del Paine with him. Besides being an amazing guide, he is an all round great person. He genuinely cares about his team, guests and porters alike and even finds time to support people on the trail when they need help.

His love for Torres del Paine, the mountains and nature in general is very obvious and added an extra dimension to the hike. It means he is super knowledgeable about a huge range of topics not because he has to study these topics as a guide, but because he is interested in them and is passionate when talking about them.

Camilo has friends everywhere he goes and he seems to know everybody. After spending some days with him it’s obvious why. He is a great person that you can rely on, and to top it all off, he did an amazing job as a cook!

I would also like to give special thanks to Johana and Camilo for noticing that Saskia would have her birthday during the trip and for making sure to prepare a surprise for her to make the day even more special.

If we have the opportunity to return to Puerto Natales in the future it would be to go on another hike with Camilo.

Paine Big Circuit, Bas Q., CHILE , November 22, 2021

The itinerary was well planned, and the ability to adjust the activities to our needs was available. The office responded to all requests with speed, and our guide Nicholas was knowledgeable, respectful, and fun. Nicholas gave us the overview of the day, and set a pace that worked for our group. He had a vast knowledge of the region and proved an excellent communicator. He was always professional, respectful, and fun. He was clearly a leader among guides on the trail. He watched out for everyone. He set a pace that worked and keep us confident that the day would go well. Our experience with the all office personnel was very good. I requested many changes and the office made them all happen quickly! Chile Nativo provided the services promised, and responded to many requested changes with ease. The guide was exceptional in knowledge and experience. Our expectations were met and actually exceeded.

Guided W Trek, Greg, USA, March 14, 2020

Chile Nativo is a fantastic company that makes such a strenuous hike doable in a few days with all details taken care of. Had I not had food and gear ready for me after so much hiking, it would have been more difficult to fully appreciate the experience of being in blissful nature.

Independent W Trek, Olivia B., USA , March 12, 2020

We had a great time and Chile Nativo was very patient and helpful in getting us back home when the borders started closing.

Paine Big Circuit, Andersen, USA , March 10, 2020

Creo que Chile Nativo es muy profesional y tiene mucha experiencia en senderismo. Fue muy agradable tener guías y personal en Chile Nativo que hablaban inglés con fluidez, así que pude obtener respuestas a mis preguntas.

Paine Big Circuit, Chris S., USA, 9 de Marzo, 2020

La experiencia general que tuvimos en el Circuito W-Trek superó nuestras expectativas y fue lo más destacado de nuestro viaje de 2 semanas. Disfrutamos mucho del itinerario del viaje, recorriendo los diversos senderos y haciendo diferentes cosas (ir en un bote, ver glaciares y ver varios animales salvajes). ¡La experiencia de acampar fue increíble! Disfrutamos de las comodidades de las Carpas Deluxe con calefacción, duchas calientes y comida de calidad de restaurante. El personal de cocina fue excelente, muy entretenido y agradable, ¡gran hospitalidad! Los aperitivos que prepararon fueron algunos de nuestros platos favoritos durante todo nuestro viaje de 2 semanas. Los pequeños detalles como enchufes, lociones, calentadores de cama y la amabilidad del personal hicieron que la estadía fuera excelente. Recomendamos encarecidamente este tour para alguien interesado en obtener la experiencia completa de la Patagonia. Excelente alojamiento, excelente comida, excelente gente y una experiencia única en la vida.

Fast Track W, Daniel T. & Family, USA, 9 de Marzo, 2020

It was a very nice trip and everything run smoothly. Especially considering the current situation, we were very lucky to still enjoy it. It was very easy to do the reservation and it saved us a lot of time and headache.

Independent W Trek, Solvejg, Norway , March 5, 2020

The perfect way to see Patagonia for the short time. Everything was organised for us perfectly so literally all we had to do was turn up! Great guide who was able to show us the main sites but who also took us more off the beaten track too. For people who are very time poor even the reservation process was brilliant. Always very quick responses to our questions and helpful people at the end of our emails. Great guide, very friendly but also very professional. Felt very safe.

Fast Track W, Laetitia & Edward E., United Kingdom, February 28, 2020

We loved our self-guided trip through Torres del Paine. All of the arrangements were easy to follow and everything went smoothly. When there was a problem with the Grey Navigation, the Chile Nativo team were helpful and gave us good advice on how to proceed. Daniela was our main point of contact for the reservation and leading up to the trek. She was helpful and answered all our questions quickly.

Independent W Trek, Fionna T., United Kingdom, February 12, 2020

Quiero agradecerles a todos por ayudarme a lograr el sueño de toda mi vida de explorar el lugar más hermoso del mundo. Específicamente quiero agradecer a Camilo por ser un guía sobresaliente. Superó todas nuestras expectativas a lo largo de nuestra experiencia. Obviamente, tiene conocimientos y mucha experiencia en todo lo relacionado con la Patagonia. Fue paciente y me hizo sentir cómoda y segura en el camino, lo que significó mucho ya que no soy tan rápido como de costumbre con cinco meses de embarazo.

Dio anécdotas rápidas y divertidas sobre las áreas circundantes (qué cima es esa, qué pájaro era, qué árboles son estos y la historia de la región), que nos encantó. Estuvo atento y proactivo ante cualquier dolor que tuviéramos (7 días de caminata sin entrenamiento pesado causaron algunos dolores), y había empacado muchos artículos de primeros auxilios que ayudaron.

Él hizo todo lo posible para hacernos sentir cómodos en el campamento, prepararnos platos antes de la cena y asegurarse de que supiéramos dónde y cuándo teníamos que estar. Realmente era un guía "estrella de rock". Él es asombroso.

Con agradecimiento,

Paine Big Circuit, Jess & Phil, USA, February 10, 2020

Hemos reservado varios viajes para preparar nuestras vacaciones en Argentina y Chile. ¡Sin duda su organización es la experiencia más profesional y empática que hemos tenido! Top mundial !! Ellos (guías) ayudaron a los excursionistas menos experimentados (yo mismo) a superar las partes más difíciles. Estaban muy bien informados sobre la región. Mantuvieron un equilibrio perfecto entre participar en las conversaciones y mantener la privacidad. Los pequeños detalles (es decir, té caliente en una caminata) fueron muy apreciados, esas cosas ayudan a marcar la diferencia. La cerveza gratis después de una caminata fue genial. Si planeamos volver a Patagonia, ¡será nuestra primera opción! ¡Una experiencia para recordar durante muchos años!

Fast Track W, Phillip V., Belgium , February 8, 2020

Nico struck the perfect balance of being knowledgeable, helpful and friendly without overly imposing himself. He was constantly integrating personal additions to the trip, like bringing fresh coffee and tea to enjoy at the top of the French Valley.

Full Day French Valley, Ben C., United Kingdom, January 30, 2020

We loved our trek with Pepa! She was very nice and funny, providing a lot of explanations about the region, the nature, etc.
She set a very good pace for the entire trek, taking into account the physical conditions of all participants.
She made this trek an unforgettable experience!

Guided W Trek, Maxence R., France, January 28, 2020

Pablo was an excellent guide and managed the need to change our itinerary with great skill. Both Pablo and Manuel, the driver and support person made the trip an excellent experience. Great experience with Chile Nativo from pre-trip coordination and during the trip. No issues with logistics and planned activities.

Patagonia Estancias Horseback Excursion, Lynn B., Colorado, USA, January 2, 2020

What an amazing trip! A trip recommended Chile Nativo and so glad they did. So nice to have EVERY detail planned so that I could just enjoy the trip! I thought the guides were AMAZING! These guys know what they are doing. The expertise on the flora and fauna, the ease of the check in and check out at the Refugio’s, and just their good nature made our group the best! We started as 8 (10) strangers and ended the trip as friends. Loved Nico in particular. My daughter hurt her knee and he was especially helpful to her! So wonderful that I cannot wait to use them again and come back. And I have already recommended them!

Guided W Trek, Denise B., USA, 1 de Enero, 2020

Very professional tour. Congratulations!

Guided W Trek, Andrea D., Italy, December 30, 2019

The W Trek was outstanding and we found the whole trip much easier with all the guidance and recommendations from Chile Nativo. We loved the care and attention to details from the quick response to our e-mails to the briefing before our trek start. We’ll recommend your services to friends for sure. Thanks guys! 🙂

Juliano A., Brazil, 29 de Diciembre, 2019

¡Cada detalle del viaje fue perfecto! Cada traslado fue puntual, cortés e informativo. Los alojamientos eran perfectos. Los domos del Fast Track eran TAN cómodos y la comida increíble.

Fast Track W, Laura M., USA, Decemnber 29, 2019

Fantastic time in Patagonia! Made all the better with the ease with which Chile Nativo organised everything!

Independent W Trek, Benjamin B, United Kingdom, December 28, 2019

Great experience and really took the stress out of planning!

Independent W Trek, Phil M., USA, December 26, 2019

Excellent communication and support for the W Trek Self Guided – all the arrangements were excellent. Great list of various options. Alicia provided excellent support for the trip!

La Estancia Peninsula – an amazing, relaxing experience. Horseback riding, food and demonstrations were excellent.

Independent W Trek & Full Day Estancia La Peninsula, Ivan P., Canada, December 23, 2019

The communication during the booking process was just perfect.

Independent W Trek, Markus H., Germany, December 12, 2019

El viaje fue simplemente increíble con un agradecimiento especial a nuestros maravillosos guías Chalo y Vale. Recomiendo encarecidamente a estas dos personas increíbles. Me gustó mucho la respuesta rápida a las preguntas por correo.

Fast Track W, Davy D., Belgium, December 12, 2019

Our trip was fantastic. We booked later than our friends and the representatives at Chile Nativo were excellent in their efforts to make sure our trip was able to match with our friend’s as close as possible. Very helpful. We had a wonderful night at Los Cuernos where our cabin was amazing. Great meal and we met some lovely people. What we enjoyed was – meeting so many different people on our journey and meeting up again and again during the hostel stays and our trek,

Independent W Trek, Gillian H., United Kingdom, December 11, 2019

Thomas our guide was super fluent in English, and very alert and sensitive to our needs – me with my sore knees and my wife with her sore ankles post the O Circuit. We had such a lovely time with him during our private full day tour of Torres Del Paine. He has a rich collection of info and tidbits of knowledge. together with the driver, they endeavoured to find interesting animals for us to look at en route to TDP. We love the surprise pack of snacks and the picnic. An overall lovely experience.

Full Day Torres Del Paine, Kalthom A., Singapore, December 2019, December 7, 2019

Trip was very well planned and the briefing had me well prepared. Booking (really short term) was easy and Chile Nativo staff was very helpful (e.g. providing offers on how to make it work with time restrictions I had).

Independent W Trek, Julian W., Germany, December 5, 2019

¡Superó mis expectativas! La comida era deliciosa y abundante, el paisaje espectacular, la caminata en sí fue desafiante y gratificante. Me encantó la forma en que estaba estructurado: hacer kilómetros en las piernas sin el equipaje el día 1, distancia corta con la mochila el día 2, luego más largo el día 3 y más fácil el día 4 listo para prepararse para el paso. ¡Me encantó cada minuto de eso!

Paine Big Circuit, Susie, Australia, November 29, 2019

Una caminata magnífica y muy memorable. Todo estuvo bien organizado. El itinerario fue genial. La comida era excelente. “Challo” fue el guía perfecto. Desde el momento en que lo conocimos, fue acogedor, entusiasta y positivo. A lo largo de la caminata, fue muy útil, informativo y siempre se ocupó del grupo. Muchas gracias a Challo por hacer de la caminata una experiencia tan magnífica. ¡Todo salió bien antes del viaje y las comunicaciones de Alicia fueron excelentes y útiles!

Fast Track W, Ian L., United Kingdom, November 27, 2019

As a single, older, traveller looking for some different experiences, Chile Nativo proved to be one of the few, and certainly the best at, responding to multiple requests for ideas towards the tailoring of an unforgettable trip much of which was off the usually beaten track. From beginning to end the trip was faultless, guides informative and helpful with challenges at levels that took me to, but not over, my capabilities. Talk to them – you won’t be disappointed!

Taylor Made Trip, Chris A., United Kingdom, 24 de Noviembre, 2019

Buen itinerario, guía excelente y con mucho conocimiento y porteadores que fueron muy buenos con el grupo y asistieron con todos los requisitos. ¡Muy feliz con la experiencia en general! Lo disfruté completamente.

Paine Big Circuit, Karel L., South Africa, November 19, 2019

¡Todo fue fantástico! ¡Nuestra guía de Fast Track fue LA MEJOR y las comidas y el alojamiento en el Riverside Camp fueron MARAVILLOSOS! El viaje fue increíble, el servicio al cliente fue excelente y nuestros guías fueron muy serviciales, informados y flexibles. Gracias por un viaje increíble.

Taylor Made & Fast Track W, Flavia B., USA , November 16, 2019

Our guide, Pablo, and our driver were both great. We learned a lot and had a great experience. I felt like i learned a lot from Pablo. He adapted the trip to the needs of the group and was fun, as well as very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who was going to visit Patagonia.

Andrea & Devin W., USA , July 8, 2019

¡El servicio de Chile Nativo desde la reserva hasta la entrega final fue fantástico! Realmente lo vale. Éramos un pequeño grupo de 6 excursionistas y ustedes proporcionaron excelentes carpas y equipo. Nuestro guía, Armando, estaba muy bien informado y tenía mucha experiencia en el parque. Con 20 años de experiencia como guía, seguía siendo muy profesional y comprometido con nuestro grupo y claramente muy apasionado por el área. ¡Es un lugar increíblemente hermoso! Definitivamente recomendaría Chile Nativo a cualquiera que busque una experiencia de trekking auténtica y de calidad en las Torres del Paine.

Mary Garden, USA, July 3, 2019

It was our first introduction to Chile and Patagonia and an experience that we’ll never forget. Excellent planning and great recommendations from the Chile Nativo staff for the entire trip (including the Perito Merino excursion), and as for the W, Pelin’s guiding was far above and beyond our expectations.

Jennifer Robson, USA, November 9, 2018

As horse lovers from the Netherlands and looking for a new unforgettable experience we decided to look for a horse ride in the Patagonia area. After some search on the internet we came to the Chile Nativo site and found a perfect ride for us. From our point of view we had an incredible trip and would recommend Chile Nativo for arranging you’re riding tour, giving you the opportunity to really enjoy. For horse riding and nature lovers the thing to do at least once in a lifetime.

Jasper Brugman, Netherlands, February 23, 2018

Very smooth with bus vouchers and vouchers for the Refugio’s and park fees. All went very smooth and hazel free.For people who like to travel & hike independently this is a wonderful way to go with Chile Nativo. Not speaking Spanish it would have been difficult to arrange the logistics of this trek ourselves.

Kathryn Hobbs/Craig Aldworth, USA, February 22, 2017


Gonzalo Fuenzalida (Fundador)

Como fundador, Gonzalo es responsable de mantener y desarrollar las características por las que Chile Nativo es famoso: servicio de primer nivel, excelentes programas al aire libre y un compromiso continuo con la sustentabilidad. El eternamente optimista Gonzalo es un eterno fanático del gran sur de Chile, sus paisajes sublimes, su clima temperamental y sus canales e islas inexplorados. ¿Su consejo de viaje a la Patagonia? Elija la temporada media: repleta de flores y crías de animales en primavera; seguido de hojas crujientes en tonos cobrizos, senderos vacíos y un clima más estable en otoño. Además de la Patagonia, su corazón pertenece al marisco superlativo de Chile (desafortunadamente no se puede decir lo mismo del melón, ¡nunca le gustó!). Las aventuras a caballo por Mongolia, viajando en el ferroviaria Transiberiano y explorando Vietnam y Japón encabezan la lista de deseos de Gonzalo.

Marina Petrozzino (Commercial Manager)

Nacido en Buenos Aires y ahora radicado en Rancagua, Chile, su hogar es cualquier lugar donde estén el esposo y la hija de Marina. Cuando hace trekking en Chile, se sorprende continuamente por la sensación de pequeñez frente a sus vastos paisajes. Su estación favorita en la Patagonia es el otoño, cuando los árboles cobran colores vivos y los vientos y las multitudes disminuyen. Nunca sin su cámara, a Marina le encanta capturar paisajes y cuenta a Islandia y sus etéreas maravillas naturales entre sus mejores experiencias de viaje.

Daniela Gamboa (Sales Manager)

Daniela, nacida en Santiago, ama especialmente la Patagonia cuando sus colores se transforman de verdes y azules a rojos y amarillos. Hablando de paisajes cambiantes, Daniela es fanática de la nueva era de la cocina chilena. Sin embargo, aconseja a los viajeros que comiencen simplemente con un mote con huesillos o un completo italiano, o un sándwich cargado de carne y acompañamientos en un restaurante tradicional de “fuente de soda”. Si no estuviera en Chile, Daniela viviría en Japón, un país cuya cultura, gente y comida realmente la sorprendió. A la hora de viajar, el consejo de Daniela es disfrutar cada momento (incluso los difíciles). ¿Por qué? Porque viajar es la mejor escuela de vida que existe.

Alicia Caton (Marketing & Communications Director)

Alicia es la directora de marketing y comunicaciones y líder del plan de desarrollo sostenible de Chile Nativo Travel. Al mudarse de los Estados Unidos a Puerto Natales en 2018, Alicia ahora llama a la Patagonia su hogar. Ella cree que no importa de dónde seamos o dónde estemos en este mundo, debemos abogar por la preservación y el crecimiento de las comunidades locales y el aire libre para mantener una mejor calidad de vida para todas las generaciones.

Fabiola Castillo (Gerente financiera)

Cuando no está haciendo trekking por la Patagonia, puede encontrar a Fabiola inmersa en libros de figuras. Después de todo, ¡ella es la chica que calcula los números para que nuestros viajes transcurran sin problemas! Aprovechar lo que la Tierra nos ha regalado está muy cerca del corazón de Fabiola: de hecho, si pudiera tener algún superpoder, optaría por viajar en el tiempo y recuperar los recursos naturales que los humanos han desperdiciado. ¿El consejo de viaje de Fabiola en Chile? Disfrute cada minuto como si su viaje fuera a terminar en cualquier momento, ¡y coma mucho pastel de choclo!

Andrea Guzmán (Product Manager)

Originally from Antofagasta in the north, Andrea fell in love with Southern Patagonia where she worked as a guide in Torres del Paine from 2015-2021. In fact, she fell in love so much with the region that she made the entire road trip from Santiago to Puerto Natales in a Samurai with her dog named Gaucho (who later became a famous Instagram influencer!). As product manager, Andrea is passionate about sharing her love for Patagonia through the beautiful experiences she creates for Chile Nativo; whether it be the intense colors of the Nothofagus that April brings, or the wonders of new flowers & wildlife that thrive during spring (September - October). Working with Chile Nativo also gives Andrea the flexibility to work remotely from Puerto Varas, where she currently lives, and be present as a mother - something that is truly invaluable.

Alejandra Gutiérrez (Reservations Manager)

Born and raised in Viña del Mar, Alejandra has never enjoyed big-city life. Instead, she prefers Chile's wonderful little towns - each with their own unique & special attractions and their good craft beers! Take Puerto Natales for example, which Alejandra says is a wonderful place to visit by itself - not just because it's the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park. As a proud vegan, Alejandra will be the first to tell you about the great variety of excellent gastronomy that Puerto Natales has to offer everyone! As reservation manager, Alejandra enjoys collaborating as a team to create the best experiences for Chile Nativo clients. Skydiving in New Zealand was by far the best thing she's done and a place she says she would go back to live in a heartbeat! She'll never forgot Steward Island with its beauty and tranquility, great variety of birds such as the kiwi and because its the place where her love for trekking began!

Codi Coghlan (Sales Representative)

Changing Colorado for Chile, Codi has adapted nicely to the laidback lifestyle of the Magallanes Region here at the end of the world. As a trip specialist, she loves representing Chile Nativo and the relationships she creates with clients as well as the “behind the scenes” operations of supporting local providers & travelers during their adventures. Honoring Chile's two Nobel Prize poets, Codi pays homage to Southern Patagonia in her own poetic way - stating that "Andean Condors are too heavy to carry their own weight, so they learned to use the wind to fly." For Codi, her favorite time to visit is mid-January to February when the greatest quantity of humpback whales are present in Francisco Coloane Marine Park. We could all take Codi's advice: "No te calentas la cabeza!" or in other words, don't worry over something you could just let go of...

Carla-Paz Morán (Sales Representative)

Carla-Paz holds a long history with Chile Nativo - beginning many years ago as a local guide in Torres del Paine. Now, as a sales representative, she loves to be able to guide guests through the organization of their trip! Being able to join them in their adventure, even from afar, to be sure they get to experience the wonders of Patagonia is what she says she enjoys most. Carla-Paz has spent the majority of her life exploring the world including Antarctica - a place that still leaves her in awe. The best advice given to her happened during her time cycling the west coast in the US - “Just be brave!”. So many good things happen when we dare to be brave whether it be while traveling or as unique individuals! Born in Valparaíso and raised in Viña del Mar, Carla-Paz loves Chile's countless remote places whether it be the mountains or at sea. There are plenty of uncharted territories waiting for the adventurer soul to visit them!

Catalina De la Torre (Travel Specialist)

Chilena born, Catalina spent the majority of her adolescent between Chile & Brazil. As a travel specialist, planning unique excursions for different guest profiles and preferences is most rewarding to her. She admires Chile for its hills, mountains, and lakes - many which were given secret names by the first tribes who thought as nature as spiritual manifestations. Of all her travels, Catalina says Myanmar in Southeast Asia is one of the most magical places she's ever been to. A friendly place where the people still preserve their culture - beautiful and unknown - and its amazing landscapes full of history and ancient ruins, habitable lakes and dense jungles. Contrary to most Chileans, Catalina has never been fond of avocados but will enjoy classic chupes, caldillos, and of course - good red wine!

Paula Ortiz Herrera (Travel Specialist)

Paula was born and raised in Santiago at the foot of the Andes Mountains, where the sun rises early and the air is pure. As a Patagonia Travel Specialist, Paula loves having the opportunity to talk & share with travelers from all over the world while getting paid for it! Her best travel advice fits perfectly with Chile Nativo's philosophy - visit a place long enough in order to live and experience the local culture and landscapes. During her travels, Paula says Hoi An city in Vietnam was the most beautiful place she's visited. She even had the opportunity to pray in a Buddhist temple which fits perfectly with her most desired superpower if she could have one - being able to see & share light and calm everyone even on the hardest of days.

Tim Connelly (Guía)

Tim, nacido en Francia, rápidamente se dedicó al alimento nacional no oficial de Chile, el aguacate. De hecho, felizmente declara que comería aguacates (¡y solo aguacates!) Por el resto de su vida. Guía de Chile Nativo, adora su trabajo y considera un honor ser un embajador del mundo natural y presentar a los viajeros la naturaleza y los ecosistemas de Chile. Paciente hasta la médula, lo más extraño de los viajes que ha hecho Tim ha sido visitar a Burning Man. Sin embargo, su mejor consejo de viaje es válido para todos: "Recuerde que viajar es una inversión en uno mismo".

Luis Quiroz (Conductor Profesional)

Luis es uno de nuestros miembros indispensables. Lleva años conduciendo a los pasajeros a través de la naturaleza de Torres del Paine. Como si ser un piloto increíble y seguro no fuera suficiente, también tiene un ojo de águila para avistar pumas.

Minerva Ortiz (Operations)

Originaria de México, Minerva ha vivido buscando cambios y nuevas aventuras que la han llevado a vivir en varios países, sin embargo cuando llegó a la Patagonia en 2015 sintió que había encontrado su lugar. Como guía, encuentra una gran satisfacción en compartir su conocimiento de estas tierras indómitas, y ver a los viajeros asombrados por su belleza es una de las partes más gratificantes de su trabajo. Le encanta el viento salvaje de la Patagonia, las peculiares nubes lenticulares que adornan los cielos y la sencillez tan característica de los lugareños.

Gabi Nager (Guía)

Procedente de los Alpes suizos, Gabi nació y se crió con un amor por las montañas en sus venas, aunque está igualmente fascinada por los fiordos patagónicos, la geología y la biodiversidad. Una esquiadora experta, su superpoder sería convocar nevadas y disipar los vientos para crear un entorno ideal para esquiar en un instante. El camino al corazón de Gabi es a través de un suministro interminable de chocolate suizo o un tradicional asado de cordero patagónico. Pero hagas lo que hagas, no sazones nada con hinojo: nunca ha logrado entender el alboroto al respecto.

Pablo Maldonado (Guía)

Desde Santiago, donde asistió a la escuela antes de mudarse a Valparaíso, donde Pablo se graduó en biología, afirma que su amor por las montañas y la naturaleza es un legado de sus padres. Con ellos en una etapa temprana, aprendió a amar el mundo al aire libre, que también fue la motivación para estudiar ciencias biológicas. Más adelante en la vida, el turismo apareció como una plataforma que unía la vida al aire libre, los viajes y la posibilidad de ofrecer su conocimiento que permite una mayor vinculación con los ecosistemas australes. En este contexto ha realizado cursos de montaña, glaciares y primeros auxilios, y tiene un diploma de CEQUA (centro de investigación científica y tecnológica), y siempre tiende a mejorar en su profesión. Hace poco más de diez años Pablo entró en contacto con el mundo de los caballos que le han permitido viajar a lugares asombrosos de la Patagonia.

Baru Marambio (Guía)

Born in Santiago, Baru has lived in Brazil as well as the deserts, forests, mountains and pampas of Chile. His next ideal stop? Outer space - though given a chance he would first create new techniques for sustainable architecture here on Earth. As a guide, he knows that travelers are often drawn by Chile’s spectacular landscapes - though hopes to show guests how these singular landscapes have created a beautiful spirit in its people as well. While he dreams of soaring through the skies, seafood is how he fuels his adventures: “...it’s what we wild ones eat,” he says with a smile.

Santiago Paradas (Guide)

Nacido y criado en Jalisco, México y viviendo en la Patagonia desde 2016, Santiago se considera un amante de la montaña, de los climas fríos y de los deportes de invierno al aire libre. Mexicano hasta la médula, es amante de la comida picante y su platillo chileno y patagónico favorito son las patas de cangrejo al pilpil. Siempre disfruta compartir las diferentes y variadas estaciones de la Patagonia y aunque su lugar de origen es templado, su estación favorita del año es el invierno ya que le gusta salir a los senderos y patear un poco de nieve. Cuando no está guiando disfruta explorando nuevos destinos en el mundo y entre sus lugares pendientes por explorar próximamente se encuentran Laponia, Kamchatka, Yakutsk y Alaska y por supuesto las montañas rocosas de Norteamérica y la gigante e imponente cordillera de los Andes de Chile.

Josefa Valenzuela (Guía)

Josefa nació en La Serena al norte de Santiago, aunque ahora llama hogar a Puerto Natales. Es una con riendas de porotos y una fanática de la sopa, adora el olor de los libros y de las "flores de chocolate" de la Patagonia o Nassauvias (¡pídale a su guía que se las señale!). Cuando no está guiando a Josefa, se relaja escalando rocas, estirando, escribiendo, leyendo y dibujando. ¿Su superpotencia elegida? Poder remontar las corrientes patagónicas como un cóndor y ver las montañas desde los cielos cuando le apeteciera.

  • SY Joyce Kan
    SY Joyce Kan
    Amazing trip! We joined the Torres Del Paine 7 day O trek tour - note that this tour is not a complete O Trek but skipping the part from Camp Frances to Las Torres, which worked in our favour as our holiday is limited and we won’t miss much. Our guide, Debbie was knowledgeable and amicable, and very passionate about hiking. Unfortunately I fell sick during the hike and wished to leave a day earlier than planned. Debbie and Chile Nativo quickly rearranged transportation for us and was very helpful. Throughout the whole process Chile Nativo was very responsive. We had a memorable journey and I would highly recommend Chile Nativo.
    Jim Garvin
    Jim Garvin
    Fantastic experience! We were booked with Chile Nativo via Swoop and had a wonderful experience. Our guides, Tim & Lucile, were awesome. We really enjoyed their company. They were very knowledgeable about the region (the history, animals, landscape, etc). Highly recommend.
    Olivia Evans
    Olivia Evans
    I booked the independent, self-guided Torres Del Paine trek with Chile Nativo’s help and was so glad I did. When I looked to book on my own, everything was all reserved in Torres Del Paine and Chile Nativo was the only agency that could help me find a spot still. To still be able to go on the trip when I wanted to go, to not have to spend so much time planning all the logistics, to get a local’s recommendations on the best way to do the trek…but STILL get to do the trek on my own was amazing and worth every penny. In particular Paolina at the agency was incredibly helpful. I would recommend this agency to anyone looking to hike in Torres del Paine.
    Chiloe Natural (chiloenatural)
    Chiloe Natural (chiloenatural)
    Serious, professional, and friendly Tour Agency in Puerto Natales that will cater your needs in Patagonia and Torres del Paine.
    Kevin Jobst
    Kevin Jobst
    Hiking in Torres with Pepa is like walking with your smartest and wisest friend. She has an incredible depth of knowledge in everything from mycology to government, from geology to history. She is fiercely passionate about conservation and our planet and has dedicated her life to making our world a better place. Our two porters Filipe and Bastian were both incredibly strong and highly professional. Always in the know on where to set up the tent, they picked the best spot in every site we were at. Also, they were an absolute blast to hang out with after the long days hiking. I cannot recommend this particular team highly enough and if you are passionate about the environment, making the world a better place, learning everything there is to know about glaciers, mushrooms, Patagonia, the history of Chile, magma intrusions and edible berries request them by name. Thank you to all three of you for making our experience so special and I hope our paths cross again.
    Brad Smith
    Brad Smith
    Our Torres Del Paine Plus trip was fantastic! A great crew of newly-made friends, guided by Izabella “La Professora”, on a journey beyond expectations. What a great time, a balance of hiking and touring. DO NOT miss the pumas!!! I will definitely go with the Chile Nativo team again, and thanks to Nestor & Juan too!
    Senga Simpson
    Senga Simpson
    Excellent service. Thank you Vicky
    Lukas Winegarner
    Lukas Winegarner
    Camilo is ledged! Chile Nativo is extremely experienced and knowledgeable - I would highly recommend booking directly through them. We were a group of 8 doing the O 7 day hike and everything was great! Thanks to Camilo & Tomas and all of our porters!


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